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Our store  has been a major force in the online sales of Medical Marijuana and Concentrates Worldwide. Jasons Cannabis Store, has faced a lot of competition in the online market but we still ensure that our customers get the best online prices with reduced tax and small or no shipping rates. Located in the US State of Florida, gives us the diversity that we need in the Online market to beat our rivals and always make our customers happy.

Our Goals

  1. To provide our customers with easy ways to shop online,Get a verified account, place your order, and enjoy our services.
  2. We also aim at projecting the discreet nature of our online store through the discreet methods of shipping and delivery we provide with an electronic Tracking Code associated with each package or packages shipped out.
  3. Get connected with our ever responding Live Chat Team. Members of the Live Chat team will be available 24/7 to help you through out your shopping experience with us and also answer to any questions and doubts where necessary.

Industry Leading Customer Service

All inquiries are handled professionally and rapidly by our knowledgeable, trained and efficient customer service team.

Same Day Processing & Discrete Shipping

All orders received and paid before 12PM PST will ship same day. All orders come with a tracking number.

Fast & Secure Payments

Pay swiftly and securely using the most reputed and safe payment methods available to citizens around the world!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

All orders are backed by our total refund-day goods get missing or damaged, 100% satisfaction guarantee!

Better Ways To Manage Your Order

Sorted & Delivered
-Your Order, packaged by the quantity and shipped directly to your door, every month.

Shop Items
-We also provide items like CBD, Wax, and testing supplies — when you need them.

Fast Orders
-We monitor and manage your Order on your request.

24/7 Support
-Have a question? Our team is available 24/7 via phone, text, e-mail, or live chat.


1- Competitive Prices.
2- Independent, private, and discreet.
3- Weed and supplies for Film Industry location shoot.
4- Advise on medications, homeopathic, health, and nutrition.
5- Fast, friendly service.
6- We deliver nationwide as well as worldwide.
7- Convenient location.
8-We carry hard-to-find products.

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